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Warren R. Smith

Kennett Square native Warren R. Smith offers his paintings as encapsulations of rural life from his youth. Mr. Smith’s parents came from the local area (Mother raised on a farm not far from Kennett, the same for his Dad in Upper Oxford township.). Frequent visits to his father’s boyhood home did much to instill the values of humble farm folk.

What was taken for granted through a child’s eyes, became more appreciated with passing years. Beneath the veil of modest simplicity were examples of kindness, generosity, and inner strength. It’s this relationship that Warren hopes to convey as inherent to the beauty of the surrounding land. A testament to the steadfast individuals who tamed it’s wildness, cultivated it to provide sustenance, and passed it on to succeeding generations as it had been bestowed upon them.

This niche of Chester County has been largely preserved by conscientious conservancies and appears much the same now as it did 100 years ago.

Mr. Smith has an art background as a graphic artist, fine artist (enjoying various mediums), and owner Artistic Endeavors of Longwood.